Art, Horror, Sci-fi, Steampunk Photography

Where is the last place you’ve seen photography that looks like the photos to the right?  It’s possible that you’ve seen something like our art photos in slick magazines, or in an art gallery, but it’s just as likely that you’ve never seen anything like it before.  At Sight Key Studios we like to explore the fringes of art photography.  If you’re looking for cutting edge photography that is exceptional and different, look no further than Sight Key Studios, right here in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Halloween is Every Day


If you have a Halloween costume you look great in, you’re a member of historical reenactment group, or you want an editorial photo for a project then Sight Key Studios is a perfect fit.  We excel where other photographers fail.  We know how to create an immersive environment, or find the perfect location to take your fantastic photos to another level.  We’re completely comfortable with the bizarre and the unusual, in fact we prefer it.  You’ll be welcomed with open arms and an open mind with your art project.

Magic On Demand


At Sight Key Studios we’re artists first and foremost; photographers second.  While we have the same training (or more) than conventional photographers, we approach your project with the eye of an artist.  We’re practicing members of the art community and we like to explore art photography.  We’re capable of using Photoshop to create a certain outcome, but both photographers Robert Henry and Dirk Hooper do the vast majority of work in the studio, using creative lighting, shutter speeds, aperture manipulation, and our own imagination to create magic in front of the lens.

The Sight Key Studios Difference


We’ve definitely got a different take on photography at Sight Key Studios.  Our art photography sets us apart from the crowd.  We can make you the star of your own photo shoot that is out of this world.  Contact us by email or phone today and tell us your dreams.



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