Robert Henry (photo by Dirk Hooper)

Robert Henry (photo by Dirk Hooper)

Robert Henry and Dirk Hooper collaborated on the upcoming “Out of Sight” exhibition at the Individual Artists of Oklahoma gallery. This is an interview for the press release.

You can see more of Robert’s work on his own website, you can hire him at the Sight Key Studios site and you can follow him on Twitter too!

1. How does this piece fit within your body of work?

The piece is an example of keeping things interesting and trying different things as a photographer. You have lots of ideas but sometimes setting the stage and seeing what comes about is a great way to work. I do this often in my own work but it is definitely interesting letting someone else do the post work on a piece.

2. As a photographer and artist, how important is it to have your work viewed in a fine art setting?

I think it’s a validation of sorts. As an artist you are initially “called” to create something because of how you see the world. However, when you start to create art for others to view, there is a part of you that is wanting a validation. Fine Art is built around that and it is certainly rewarding to have a piece chosen for display.

3. What projects are you working on right now?

At the moment I’m kind if in between ideas. I’m constantly working on several ongoing projects but, I am not really concentrating on putting together one body of work. There’s lots that I want to do: another traditional B&W show, some platinum/paladium pieces, a series of digital composites, and a portraiture project that deals with aspects of what we are vs. what we want(ed) to be.

4. Talk a little bit about the collaboration in this piece, and collaboration in general with Dirk Hooper.

Dirk and I have worked together for years. First on a comic book story followed by publishing and eventually photography. I think we both have a similiar view of the world and our work often starts out very closely related but, as we create, our work diverges and we end up with different results. It’s great to be able to work closely with someone in that manner because it’s almost like looking at an alternate universe of your own work. As if to say “wow, so that’s where it would have ended up if I had chose that path instead of the one that I did.”

This piece is special in that it is rare instance that we truly collaborated to create a piece. We both were present at the shoot and each photographed the model in our own ways in alternating fashion. The final result was a fascinating study of two approaches to the same subject and how they tell the same story but in a different way. I imagine it is a lot like co-authoring a book with another writer.

The photoshoot kind of sat on the back burner for a little while. When I first heard of this show I was intrigued by the idea but got side tracked. Dirk, however, went back to this shoot and began working with the shots and created the final image you see before you. I think it is a great image that merges our creative forces. And let’s not forget the model who trusted us enough to work within our crazy idea.

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