OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA, October 8, 2009 – Award-winning fine art photographer Robert Henry and world-renowned fantasy photographer Dirk Hooper will participate in the upcoming “Out of Sight” juried exhibition at the Individual Artists of Oklahoma gallery. The show is joint venture between the IAO gallery and the Oklahoma League for the Blind and will feature a wide variety of artwork and creators who have been given a unique opportunity to express themselves in a way that is designed to appeal to the visually impaired and sighted alike. The theme for the show is to present high contrast art, with 2D works being black on a white background, and 3D art being entirely black. Visitors will be encouraged to touch the work.

Robert Henry and Dirk Hooper collaborated on the piece in the show. Henry shot the original photo, Hooper did the post-production work and they shared the set design and lighting chores. “The final result was a fascinating study of two approaches to the same subject and how they tell the same story but in a different way. I imagine it is a lot like co-authoring a book with another writer,” Henry noted. The two photographers often work together, but this is their first piece that is a pure collaboration. Henry said, “I think it is a great image that merges our creative forces.”

In addition to the stark visual contrast of a white gallery space versus the black artwork, the audio portion makes “Out of Sight” even more unique. Participants were asked to record an artist’s statement for a cell phone audio tour. Hooper said, “The recording allows us to explain our work in a way that actually adds something special to a group show. It’s an element that will give everyone a greater understanding of what they are looking at and what the artist intended.”

“Out of Sight” will be at the Individual Artists of Oklahoma Gallery from October 16th through November 6th. The opening reception is Saturday, October 17th from 6pm to 9pm. The IAO Gallery is located in its new location at 706 West Sheridan Avenue in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. For more information please visit the IAO website, www.iaogallery.org.

If you are interested in more information about photographers Robert Henry and Dirk Hooper please visit the Sight Key Studios website, www.sightkey.com. Both photographers are available for interviews at info@sightkey.com.

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