What Makes Sight Key Studios Different from other Photography Studios?

There are three principles that guide every decision we make at Sight Key Studios and it makes the experience with us different from anywhere else.  We grew up during the Information Age, which means that we reject the old ways of doing things.  We’re practicing and accomplished artists, which affects how we approach our job.  And finally, we take pride in our work.

A Digital Revolution

Photographers Robert Henry and Dirk Hooper, and Makeup Artist Jennifer Marks are products of the Information Age.  We have embraced a world where everything is digital, faster and more complex.  This carries over to the way we conduct business at Sight Key Studios.  We have created a business where every decision we make starts with an honest evaluation of how we can use technology to make your photography experience better.

We shoot digitally, which means that we show you instantly what your photos look like.  We’ll let you see how your photos look on the set, which means we can make corrections on the spot, plus we can show you the entire shoot on our large digital television when we’re done.  We give every client their photos on a disk and empower you with the ability to print your own photos for your own private use.  You read that right.  We can do amazing custom prints for you, but if you want, you can take your disk of photos and make prints on your own for the rest of your life!  We shouldn’t have to tell you what a value that is to you, and how that makes Sight Key Studios different from other photography studios.

We’re Real Artists

Award-winning Fine Arts photographer Robert Henry graduated from the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design.  His work has been on display all over galleries and museums in Oklahoma, Michigan and Georgia.  World-renowned fetish and fine art photographer Dirk Hooper has exhibited work in Oklahoma, Texas, Michigan, Pennsylvania and overseas in Brussels, Belgium and Utrecht, the Netherlands.  Dirk Hooper has work in the permanent collection of the Kinsey Institute. Vanguard makeup artist Jennifer Marks has been instrumental in bringing a unique look to the work of both photographers.

Photography is a technical medium and most professional photographers know the foundational elements of what it takes to make a photo that is well lit and in focus.  What Sight Key Studios brings to Oklahoma is the cutting edge individual style of legitimate artists Robert Henry, Dirk Hooper and Jennifer Marks.  You can go to anyone to get a photo that is well lit and in focus, but Sight Key Studios offers you the eye of an artist.  If you want something that transcends ordinary photography, then we deliver for you.

The Sight Key Studios Guarantee

We’re well aware of the kind of decision that is involved in approaching a professional photography studio to take your photos.  There are so many choices out there that it can be difficult to narrow them down.   Especially now, it’s important that you get your money’s worth.  We make that decision easier for you with the Sight Key Studios money back guarantee.

When you walk through the door we want you to be as worry-free as possible.  If we can make this experience easier and more fun for you with a money back guarantee then your photos will be even better and everyone wins.  We take great pride in our work at Sight Key Studios.  We don’t want you to like your photos, we want you to LOVE your photos and our whole process from the beginning to the end is designed to make that happen.  If you’re looking elsewhere, then you should make sure that they back up their work. 

Sight Key Studios leads the way with a money-back guarantee.  We use modern technology and have a business model that is unusual for the photography industry.  Finally, we approach every job with the trained eye of a legitimate practicing artist.  These are the principles that will make your experience with Sight Key Studios different from other photography studios.  Contact us today to see for yourself how those differences will result in photos you’ll love.


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