Vespertine Fantasies Ladies Night Out

Have you ever wanted to have sexy glamour photos taken, but you’re not sure if you’d have the nerve?  What if you had some of your best friends with you in a relaxed party atmosphere?  Sight Key Studios is now offering something exciting for you and your girlfriends.  We call it Vespertine Fantasies and it will definitely be an event you’ve never experienced before!

One lady, the Host, will find four to eight of her best friends and invite them to your location for an evening photography party.  The Host will be responsible for providing wine and snacks and helping to set up a party for her friends, but she will get the same deal as her friends FOR FREE.  All of the ladies will get to have a party, and have the services and guidance of Sight Key’s two professional photographers and a makeup artist for the evening.  We’ll shoot everyone, one at a time, or together, and offer everything from glamour photography to naughty pin-up photography based on how far you want to go!

Everyone will receive at least 20 photos on a disk, fully worked and touched up in Photoshop and the copyright permission to make unlimited prints for your own private use.  You will also receive your choice of one 12x18 giclee print, two 8x10 giclee prints or four 4x6 giclee prints along with your CD or DVD.  We can also upload your worked photos to a secure password protected website where you can order additional premium prints, canvas wraps, photo albums and other special items.

Ladies will get the photography party, the services of two photographers and a makeup artist for up to four hours, at least 20 fully worked photos on disk and the print package of their choice for only $300 each, and remember the Host gets the same deal for free!  Only Sight Key Studios has the experience and creativity to make this event happen for you!

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