Wedding Photography

Sight Key Studios approaches wedding photography with the same creativity we give to our own award-winning fine art photography.  Our specialty is fantastic weddings, theme weddings or unusual settings, but we can even make a normal wedding look fantastic if you give us the latitude to express our creativity.  Sight Key Studios offers competitive pricing, a disk of the best photos in all packages and the flexibility to cover the smallest wedding to the largest affair.

You Have the Power

We can offer you all the wedding albums, canvas prints and heirloom items that other photographers can, but we will give you a disk of worked photos with every single package we offer.  That gives you the power to make your own prints and have your photos available for your own use.  Even with the convenience and savings of offering you a disk of your wedding photos, our pricing is still highly competitive in this market.

World Class Photography

Just like everything else Sight Key Studios does, we want to work with you to make your experience unique.  If you are looking for wedding photos that stand out from the crowd then we can make that happen.  We enjoy exploring your dreams and ideas and giving you photos that will make your friends jealous.  Come to us with an open mind and anything is possible.

The Sight Key Studios Difference

Whether you are looking for Engagement Photos, Bridal Photography, Glamour Photos or a complete chronicle of every step of your wedding from beginning to end, Sight Key Studios is prepared to capture your memories.  We have two award-winning fine arts photographers who can shoot individually or as a team.  Our prices are very reasonable, particularly for wedding photography and every package has a disk of worked photos that you can use to make your own prints.

Please contact us at or by phone at 405-613-0930 to discuss your wedding photography dreams and goals.


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